REOVA quits CS at 19

REOVA and theTRUTH off Grizzlys ESEA roster

And just like that, only two remain in Grizzlys.

Both Mert "REOVA" Bayrak and Jake "theTRUTH" Hass have been removed from the ESEA roster of MDL squad Grizzlys. REOVA plans to retire from competitive CS and theTRUTH was removed due to not being contracted to the organization, knows.

Along with Keven "PLAYER1" Champagne, REOVA had planned to retire at the beginning of the season, but decided to play out Season 27 to keep the MDL spot of FRENCH CANADIANS. The Grizzlys organization is currently looking at options, with theTRUTH being a possibility.

If theTRUTH does not make a return for Season 28, the two remaining players of Garett "Grt" Bambrough and Alex "vek" Voynov (or Thierry "1tee" St-Jacques-Gagnon) would need to play during the season to retain their MDL spot.

Here is the depleted roster of Grizzlys as a result of this move:

  • Canada Alex "vek" Voynov
  • Canada Garett "Grt" Bambrough
  • Canada Thierry "1tee" St-Jacques-Gagnon (Manager)

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April 17, 2018 11:16PM
vek to pickup cuze cause his picks in WPL confirmed
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April 18, 2018 02:52AM
Dust2 Birthday cake!
Hard to get back from that...
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April 18, 2018 04:39AM
thank god reova was awful
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April 18, 2018 08:13AM
Vek is my dad
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