JonY BoY agonizing over leaving his bros

JonY BoY leaves No Tenemos Nada; hints at joining international team

By the sound of it, the Argentinian is off to greener and less laggy pastures.

Jonathan "JonY BoY" Muñoz, the figurehead of Argentian team No Tenemos Nada, is stepping down from the team, the player announced earlier tonight.

In the message, JonY BoY touched on the team's difficulties since parting ways with their former organization Gale Force, and the difficulties of playing the current season of MDL from their homeland with high ping. The player went on to say the falling through of the squad's deal with Misfits was a "big disappointment."

As the team's struggles mounted, it became harder and harder for JonY BoY to refuse offers from external teams — and he specifically cited his time playing with majority Brazilian squad INTZ, alluding to his joining a new international team.

If recent Twitter follows are any indication, the aforementioned team could well be Spanish side x6tence, who currently find themselves down a key man with veteran Johnatan "MusambaN1" Torrent recently sidelined with a hand injury. The move would make sense for the Argentinian as there would be no language barrier to overcome.

The looming departure of JonY BoY would leave No Tenemos Nada's roster as follows:

  • Matías "tutehen" Canale
  • Guillermo "guishorro" Areco
  • Tomás "tomi" Guardia
  •  Nahuel "Straka" Vazquez
  • Rodri "pino" Manarino (Coach)

After suffering through playing the entirety of the MDL season thus far from Argentina, No Tenemos Nada currently sit at a dismal 2-7, with  their only wins coming against F1-racecar-PEEK and HentaiWeeabooMasterLords.

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