Rise continued to dominate in this most recent round of the Upper Bracket.

Second round of results in for Chicago CS:GO Open Online

Surprise upsets rippled through the Mad City online tournament this week.

The second round of the upper bracket and the first round of the lower bracket have come to a conclusion as of this update. While the majority of the upper bracket played out as one might expect, several MDL heavyweights had close overtime victories or were knocked down into the lower bracket.

Results from the upper bracket can be found below:

  • Rise Nation  >  United States Blackwood Productions 16-8
  • United States Armada  >  United States Hooked 16-9
  • United States PUGLIFE  >  F1-racecar-PEEK 16-3
  • United States Gangbangers  United States Mask Off 19-16
  • United States Blackout  United States Dignitas 16-10
  • United States CheckSix  <   Hyper 14-16
  •  Iceberg  >  United States Weeb 5 16-4
  • United States eRa  United States Rival 19-17

Lower Bracket Round 1 results are as follows:

  • United States Nemesis  United States Mixed Reviews 16-0
  • United States SummerFox  United States 13th Hour Gaming 16-8
  • United States Fatherly Figures  United States Verum 16-1
  • United States Enter Uprise  >  United States Nick McGregors Children 16-5
  • United States Ya Hate To See It  United States ttb 16-14
  • United States Sebench  >  United States Stronghold 16-12
  • United States We Are The Champions United States Blasty Boys 16-0
  • United States Sinai Villagers  >  United States The Figgers 16-0

Matches have already begun for the second round of the lower bracket of the online Mad City event. Check back soon as we will be continuing to cover the progression of the brackets. For a more detailed look at the information we've provided here, head to the Mad City CHI CS:GO Open Online event page.

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ez for Andy LenNox Collins
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3 16-0s oof
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