Gale Force set to compete in MDL from home, looking for new organisation

The team than encompasses players from Argentina and Mexico have been informed that their org will not support new visas.

The Argentinian team of Gale Force have been stranded in Argentina. Their organization, who they've been with since August, have indicated to the team that they can longer bear the costs of supporting them, and are seeking buyers.

In the TwitLonger statement, Jonathan "JonY BoY" Muñoz stated that the team will be competing in Season 27 of ESEA MDL from their homes in Argentina, causing "latencies of between 170 and 250 ms". Also according to the statement, the team had near radio-silence on this issue until January 12th.

Their contracts with Gale Force still have six months to run, but the organization are looking to sell these off for the cost of visas, which would be around $30,000. It has also been rumored that Gale Force are also looking for buyers for their recent world championship winning team in Rocket League, indicating greater financial issues in the organization.

Their recent performances as a team have been mixed, their most recent success found with a second place finish in CEVO Main. They also finished 5-8th in the last MDL season, but failed to qualify for WESG Americas after finishing second in the Argentina Qualifier in November.

The team are looking for a new organization to take them on, and can be reached through [email protected] or, via Twitter at @jotita_be.

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Miami flamingos didn’t fulfill their salary agreement
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