Swole Patrol win Strong Legs Cup #4

freakazoid's men notched another win in the lead up to the new season of ESEA MDL.

Strong Legs Cup #4 saw six ESEA MDL S27 teams competing, in addition to other Pro/MDL/Main mixes. Making their debut was the new GX, featuring Josh "steel" Nissan, and they ultimately finished in 5-8th.

The grand final saw Swole Patrol taking on TZZ TZZ, which featured a trio of the old FRENCH CANADIANS. In a close match, Ryan "freakazoid" Abadir's men were able to take the victory 16-14, and walk away $700 the richer.

The Strong Legs Cup #4 top four are as follows:

1. United States Swole Patrol - $700 (freakazoid, Cooper, SileNt, Zellsis, ryan)
2. Canada TZZ TZZ - $300 (Subroza, effys, gMd, vEz, tENSKI)
3-4. Canada subtLe (OCEAN, LILMAN, Laski, no_one, tyfoon)
3-4. United States every villian is lemons (cp2, winsum, oBo, Infinite, FGB)

Other notable teams and how they placed can be found below:

5-8. United States GX (swag, AZK, Pollo, witmer, steel)
5-8. Canada FREE SNAKES (Snakes, moose, tex, vanity, Hydrex)
9-16. United States Yan is Bald (PRDTR, bENITA, reltuC, Dewey, REZU)
17-32. United States Iceberg (crux, alter, stellar, hades, tconnors)
17-32. United States Third Times a Charm (GMAN, Hunter, Bl4ckiice, tiz, krZ)
17-32. United States wadahail (mCe, motm, KLUMZ, JackZ, cardiac)
17-32. Mexico Yes or no Raza? (spaydeRRR, k1Nky, MarKE, Gonnak, spamzzz)
33-64. United States F1-racecar-PEEK (huynh, tropiiical, koga, XotiC, Shakezullah)

The full bracket can be found here.




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January 14, 2018 02:09PM
Dust2 Birthday cake!
Woo les go swole patrol!
Maybe they will top MDL this time.
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