Infinity Gauntlet wins Fragadelphia 15: St. Louis over Touch Point

Average's Weight Watchers swept Cyberstorm blue for third.

Half of the smaller LANs are now complete leading up to Fragadelphia 15's main event. This past weekend's event in St. Louis has seen Keller "SLIGHT" Nilan notch his second preliminary victory in a row, building on his success as a substitute with Coldest Riding one week ago in East Falls.

The first semifinal ended up being a snap for Infinity Gauntlet. Their competition failed to materialize in the server as they promptly ran through Cyberstorm blue on the back of strong first half performances. They seized 12-3 and 11-4 leads on Nuke and Mirage, respectively, and never looked back as they clinched their grand final berth and Frag 15 spot.

The second semifinal pitted newly announced Touch Point against Average's Weight Watchers. This series was far closer than the first, with each roster claiming convincing wins and then needing overtime to separate them in the decider. Touch Point claimed Overpass 16-9, then conceded Inferno 16-8 after Average's Weight Watchers lit up the scoreboard on T-side to grab a 10-5 halftime lead. Both sides claimed 9 offensive rounds on Vertigo, but Touch Point shut Average's Weight Watchers out in OT to advance and claim their spot in Philadelphia come September.

The grand final saw Touch Point claim an early lead on Infinity Gauntlet with a convincing 16-7 win on Inferno. Touch Point built an early 10-5 lead, then locked the sites down on defense and allowed Infinity Gauntlet just a pair of victories in the second half.

But the anti-Avengers came surging back on Mirage and Dust2, where they claimed a pair of 11-4 first half leads and comfortably secured the reverse sweep with 16-11 and 16-9 wins, respectively. Touch Point will still be in attendance for the Fragadelphia 15 main event, which was recently announced to be a BLAST Premier series qualifier.

The final results for Fragadelphia 15: St. Louis are:

1. United States Infinity Gauntlet (AJaxz, SATURN, Wilky, EllisoN, SLIGHT) - $2,000 travel support + Fragadelphia 15
2. United States Touch Point (Beastman, Tatm, PoseidoNN, niise, TiCx) - Fragadelphia 15
3. United States Average's weight watchers (Irish, Average, CoJoMo, FIRE, Arktos) - $250
4. United States Cyberstorm blue (wiki-, lect, austin, tBone, Jrod)

SLIGHT noted in his victory tweet that he'll be attempting the threepeat in Denver. He'll have the next weekend off however, as that LAN isn't scheduled to start until August 21st.

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