Fragadelphia St. Louis reaches semis; SLIGHT looks for second circuit victory

Recently-signed Advanced side Touch Point will look to ruin his chances from the other side of the bracket.

The second stop on Fragadelphia 15's precursor circuit has reached its second day of play, seeing four teams remaining in the chase for bragging rights and travel support to the event in September. Those four teams include Premier mix Infinity Gauntlet, Advanced side Touch Point (formerly UYU), newly-minted Main squad Cyberstorm, and mix Average's Weight Watchers.

Unlike last weekend's Fragadelphia East Falls, the top two teams in each group in St. Louis advanced to playoffs, as opposed to just the winner of the group.

Keller "SLIGHT" Nilan and Dylan "SATURN" Finch's Infinity Gauntlet mix dominated their Group A matches, not allowing their opponents double-digit rounds in any of their three tilts. Slabecord finished second in the group, only suffering to a loss to Infinity Gauntlet, and Room 28 and Angola, Indiana's Trine University brought up the rear.

Recently-signed Touch Point were also flawless in Group B, though were given a scare by Stubs' Pug Club. Recent Main promotees Cyberstorm finished second with a 2-1 record, followed by Stubs' men and Kaoz.

Group C was the closest at the top, with the first and second spots ultimately determined by a 16-14 match between Intermediate side Sassy Sunshines and Advanced squad Iniquity that went the former team's way. Advanced mix Emergence finished in third, while Glizzy Witta Beam finished last.

Group D was the only one in which the group runner-up finished with a negative round difference. Average's Weight Watchers were tested by r0b and the pl0bs, but otherwise sailed to a 3-0, meanwhile Advanced team CarbonX surrendered double-digit rounds to both r0b and the pl0bs and Burger Kings, who finished the group in third and fourth, respectively.

With the eight playoff teams determined, the single-elimination best-of-three bracket got underway. Infinity Gauntlet and Sassy Sunshines made quick work of CarbonX and Cyberstorm, respectively, with both teams allowing their opponents less than sixteen rounds across two maps. Average's Weight Watchers had a slightly tougher time against Slabecord, taking their series 2-0 with 16-13 and 16-7 map wins.

The closest quarterfinal by far was the series between Touch Point and Iniquity, as the two Advanced teams duked it out on the full three maps. Iniquity struck first in the series, securing a 16-10 victory, but Touch Point showed their resilience and reverse swept to advance.

The full results are available here.

The next matches of Fragadelphia St. Louis will be:

United States Infinity Gauntlet vs. United States Cyberstorm
United States Touch Point vs. United States Average's Weight Watchers

You can catch the action on Fragadelphia's Twitch channel.

Just like last week's event, the top team will secure themselves up to $2,000 in travel support to Fragadelphia 15, along with free entry to the event. The runners-up will receive free entry to Fragadelphia 15, and the third place squad will earn $250 for their efforts.

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