micro, bron, Minus set to rebuild ex-Big Chillin as Taller than 5'4"

Big Chillin initially disbanded due to multiple players receiving tryout offers on new teams.

Following the release of their lineup by Big Chillin on February 9th, Jack "micro" Ryan, Bron "bron" Mills, and Marshall "Minus" Sedowicz have decided to rebuild the lineup, with the team adopting the new name Taller than 5'4". 

Dust2.us knows that the roster originally disbanded on the 9th due to multiple players receiving offers to join or tryout for other teams and due to a poor 0-3 start to ESEA Premier Season 36. As a result of this, Big Chillin forfeited their match against High Coast on February 9th.

Minus told Dust2.us that the three remaining players on the team are committed to sticking together for the time being.

Taller than 5’4" currently consists of:

  • United States Jack "micro" Ryan
  • United States Bron "bron" Mills
  • United States Marshall "Minus" Sedowicz

Taller than 5’4" have a week to rebuild their lineup as week four of ESEA Premier Season 36 will be a bye week for them.

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