Learning timings and more from some simple cheats in 2007

cadiaN says cheats taught him about rotations and timings

Obviously, you should not use cheats.

Cheating is obviously and very clearly wrong. Using any sort of cheat on a VAC server will result in a permanent ban and can stifle the careers of players who have professional aspirations.

When Casper "cadiaN" Møller was twelve-years-old back in 2007, he had downloaded a cheat to use in Counter-Strike: Source. From there, he explains that he was able to understand more about how players responded within the game. He learned about rotations and timings.

"These cheats are kinda what made me good at the game", the Liquid in-game leader explained. "I was clueless, this was before the LANs we were talking about, I was clueless. When I installed these cheats, I understood all the timings of when could I meet the opponents, how long could I run with a knife, if I get this kill what kind of reaction is the opponent going to do."

Thanks to the demo viewer available within the game nowadays, players no longer have to cheat to understand timings or rotations. As for twelve-year-old cadiaN in 2007, it's best that he didn't continue cheating; otherwise, he would likely not have had his illustrious career so far.

Liquid and their no-longer cheating and now 28-year old IGL are currently bootcamping ahead of their next LAN appearance at the PGL Copenhagen Major Americas RMR in Monterrey, Mexico. The squad will look to qualify for the Major once more as an organization for the 9th time in a row.

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February 11, 2024 03:48PM
Before someone created the 'clear wall' maps in 1.6 I had 2 teammates that downloaded wall hacks to use in offline server practices to better understand what a good wall bang spot was and what wasn't (in terms of damage output).

It seems like Cadian would have figured this stuff out regardless of cheats or not though as timings are something players like him will pick up eventually as they play the game. No one of his caliber could go years without realizing where the action might start on a map. Demo viewers had already been in the game for years by 2007.
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