Valve fixes grenade and bomb plant bugs

Players reported multiple issues on the previous patch.

Valve's first update to Counter-Strike 2 on February 8th, 2024 caused gameplay-altering bugs to a variety of players. This patch, seemingly meant to fix the behavior of players appearing on the radar despite being behind smokes, broke other aspects of the game, namely, planting the bomb and throwing grenades. For the grenade bug, players reported the grenade automatically throwing once it completes the windup, not waiting until after the player releases Mouse1. See Bobby "stamina" Eitrem display the bug below.

Players also reported being unable to plant the bomb, with the game giving a plant cue without actually completing the action.

Valve's second update on February 8th has fixed these issues, with a single sentence release note:

Fixed a bug where some inputs were acting as if they were released prematurely

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