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$3k CS2 tournament set to held at LVL UP EXPO 2024 in Las Vegas

The expo will host a CS2 tournament alongside their other offerings.

LVL UP EXPO 2024, an anime and gaming convention in Las Vegas, is set to host a $3,000 CS2 tournament during the convention, with the top team taking home $1,800. The non-BYOC LAN will run during the convention during the weekend of April 26th, and while details are sparse, teams are seemingly able to sign up with the purchase of a badge, which can be had at $85 per person and purchased here.

The tournament at the LVL UP EXPO comes after a groundswell of interest in running tournaments for the game after the release of CS2 in September.

While the highest level of interest has been seen on the east coast and in the midwest, this tournament will be a great offering for squads who can make it out to the expo and take advantage of the relatively cheap travel to Las Vegas in the spring. Currently there are no teams signed up, something that will hopefully change as the start of the event inches closer.

Teams interested in signing up can register here.

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