Valve acquired Mirage 11 years ago today

The map has undergone several changes since.

Love it or hate it, Mirage has now been a part of Valve's sphere for the last eleven years after officially acquiring it from Michael "BubkeZ" Hüll back on February 8th, 2013, according to the creator.

In a tweet today, BubkeZ noted that had he known just how big CS:GO and CS2 would become he might have tried holding onto it. He did concede that Valve made a "very good deal", however he says they have also made some changes that he doesn't like.

In talking about the change, he notes Valve have changed the map in a way "that was not originally intended" for it to be played. He notes that there are changes to the A site that are apparent when comparing the map to it's original 1.6 version.

You can see the full changes in a side-by-side comparison thanks to 3kliksphilip.

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