FACEIT Season 1 comes to an end; top FPL Proving Grounds players determined

The FPL Proving Grounds serve as the new path into FPL.

Back in September, FACEIT discontinued FPL-C and the FPL-C qualifiers while also announcing a new program called FPL Proving Grounds, which became the new path into FACEIT Pro League for prospective players. This new setup centers around four-month seasons on FACEIT where players battle to acquire the highest-possible ELO on the service, with the top 125 players being to play in that season's Proving Grounds.

From there, during the Proving Grounds these 125 players will have to queue against each other to potentially earn the top cash prize up to $7,500 in North America, while also attempting to garner the attention of FACEIT-selected judges, FPL players, and fans to earn one of three spots in FPL. The three players selected will then be promoted and will receive a $1,000 a month stipend for four months to encourage them to focus on improving in FPL.

This lucrative program aims to support rising stars for each respective reason, while raising the profile of FPL and FACEIT as a whole as a place for players to compete. FACEIT Season 1 recently came to a close on January 29th, with a number of notable players topping the leaderboard in the region. It is worth noting though that players already in FPL or permanently banned from FPL will be unable to compete in the Proving Grounds, therefore we will be discounting them from our top ten list. However, those players that are already in FPL will be able to nominate a replacement, meaning we may see additional unexpected names in the Proving Grounds.

With all that said, here are the top ten players from FACEIT Season 1 who will compete in the FPL Proving Grounds:

• #1 Andrey "S0ph3R" Afanasyev
• #2 "C4LLM3SUE"
• #3 United States Kevin "cypress" Quib
• #4 "Bezymeccc"
• #5 United States Max "alula" Schreier

• #6 United States Chris "Slash" Petersen
• #7 United States Evan "Evan" Cawthorn
• #8 Canada Stanley "calamity" Chiu
• #9 United States "peppa"
• #10 United States Ethan "Ethex" Eihardt

These ten players plus 115 more will head into the FPL Proving Grounds from February 26th to March 3rd, with three FPL spots and a hefty prizepool on the line.

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