Latest update glitches doors on Overpass and Nuke

Doors now have a problem being shut.

Last night's CS2 update brought a ton of changes to the game both cosmetically and gameplay-wise. Some of those changes included the ability to place stickers wherever you want on a weapon, the Zeus x27 now being rechargeable, adjustments to peeker's advantage, smoke and light adjustments, and well, somehow, doors clipping through walls.

As first spotted on X by Josiah "JoJo" Jimenez, the connector door on Overpass can now glitch through the brick wall when double-hitting the action key. When tested by, the door will continue to open normally when using the action key once, it's only affected when pressed twice in rapid succession.

Additionally, the same issue appears to affect the doubledoors on the B site of Nuke. Found by Redditor /u/doomzy, when doing the same sort of action that was done for the connector door on Overpass, only one of the doors will glitch through the wall.

It appears to be a minor inconvenience for now, however, it could potentially affect gameplay when attempting to bait using the door opening sound to draw opponents in. Additionally, the physics of the door can unintentionally move players or keep them stuck behind the door as it moves. checked the other doors on Inferno and Nuke and confirmed that the issue was isolated to these two instances.

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