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Complexity hop to Warsaw for RMR boot camp

Back to business.

Fresh off their grueling loss to Falcons, Complexity are already getting back to the lab hoping to guarantee their place at the 2024 PGL Copenhagen Major. If Complexity were to qualify, it would be the second time in a row they have been to the premier event and the third out of the previous Majors.

For Complexity, the Major means a lot more than just pride. The organization netted millions from the 2023 Paris Major after the sales of stickers went on for an extended period.

That sale was also incredibly beneficial to the players, who were estimated to take in approximately $250,000 each.

The Americans are leaving Katowice today and heading to Krakow, where they will be attending an extended boot camp at the Kinguin Performance Center, where they have previously spent several boot camps.

The team will be there for approximately two weeks before returning to the United States to re-adjust their sleep schedule ahead of the Monterrey LAN.

Complexity are one of the favorites from the region to qualify for the Major ahead of rivals Liquid, M80, and Nouns. They will begin play on March 1st.

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