CS2 "A Call to Arms" Update: Most Important Changes

New knife, new stickers, new music.

Earlier today, Valve released a massive update named "A Call to Arms" which included a large amount of additions to Counter-Strike 2, including networking fixes, in-game items, and much, much more. With that in mind, Dust2.us has compiled a list of some of the more significant changes that this update brings.

Networking fixes

One of the largest issues players have reported facing in CS2 is frighteningly large peeker's advantage, where one player would see the other in a duel before their opponent could see them. Valve has added many fixes in this update, outlined below.

  • Reduced peeker's advantage in many cases, by 16ms in steady state

  • Reduced frequency of situations leading to abnormally high peeker's advantage

  • Added cl_ticktiming command to help identify sources of latency

Gameplay Updates

  • Arms race returns along with Baggage and Shoots

  • "Refund All" button added to the buy menu

  • Added option to disable first person bullet tracers

  • Adjustments to sub-tick shooting

  • Zeus recharges after 30 seconds, allowing another shot

  • Smokes now cast shadows

UI and Design

  • Baggage and Warehouse are now options for main menu and item inspection maps

  • XP Overload icon added next to name in killfeed, scoreboard, and main menu after reaching earning 11,166 XP in a week

  • Additional tiers of XP Overload status can be unlocked by earning all of the normal XP over consecutive weeks

  • Agents with end-of-match cheer animations also have unique defeat animations which may be disabled

Stickers and Weapons

  • The Kilowatt case has been released, including for the first time, a Zeus skin

  • A new knife is available in the Kilowatt case, the Kukri Knife, which comes in the twelve original knife finishes

  • A new sticker set is available, the Ambush Sticker Capsule

  • A new music kit box, the NIGHTMODE Music Kit Box, is available, which features six new Music Kits

  • Stickers can now be added to the Zeus

  • Up to five stickers can now be placed on all weapons

  • Players can now place stickers at user specified positions and rotated

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