The departure of curry comes just days after Liquid acquired Grim from Triumph

curry steps down from Triumph

The 18-year-old player steps away from CS:GO as he looks to focus on college in the fall.

Following Triumph's victory over oNe to claim a spot in ESL Pro League Season 12, Rahul "curry" Nemani has announced his departure from the team as he is set to begin his first semester of college this month. curry's pending departure from Triumph was first reported by Danish "Nohte" Allana for HLTV.

curry joined Triumph on April 16th alongside Paytyn "Junior" Johnson, with the duo coming in to replace Logan "Voltage" Long and Peter "Asuna" Mazuryk. During his short tenure with the organization, Triumph reached its highest level since entering CS:GO, with the lineup peaking at 35th on HLTV's rankings in late April.

Besides qualifying to EPL Season 12, Triumph found modest success with curry, claiming second place finishes in WINNERS League Season 4 Invite and Mythic Invite League, falling to perennial rivals Chaos in both events.

On an individual level, curry mounted a 1.05 rating while with Triumph, with the player being the third highest rated player on the team behind Michael "Grim" Wince and Junior. 

In the announcement of his departure, curry did not rule out a later return to CS:GO, stating that his ultimate reason for stepping for Triumph was scheduling issues.

With curry leaving Triumph, the team are reduced to:

  • United States Gabe "Spongey" Greiner
  • United States Alan "Shakezullah" Hardeman
  • United States Paytyn "Junior" Johnson
  • Brazil Marcos "tacitus" Castilho (Coach)

Triumph are currently playing in DreamHack Open Summer 2020 with Erik "penny" Penny and Kaleb "moose" Jayne. It is currently unknown if Triumph plan on making either permanent additions prior to the start of ESL One Cologne Online on August 18th.

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