FPL looks to make Am1raculous change with help of North American product manager

Am1racle is set to help lead operations for FPL alongside FACEIT_Mikey.

FACEIT have added a dedicated North American product manager for their FPL Circuit in in the form of Amir "Am1racle" Khair, Dust2.us has learned. He will work on the PUG league alongside his duties for Flashpoint as he looks to implement feedback from pro players in FPL.

Am1racle previously occupied the role of product manager at ESL for almost four years, leading the first three seasons of their ESL Mobile Open circuit. He made a change near the start of the year by joining the FACEIT team just ahead of the start of Flashpoint 1. When contacted by Dust2.us, Am1racle confirmed that he would be helping handle the strategy and operations of the FPL Circuit, working as the North American counterpart to Milos "FACEIT_Mikey" Nedeljkovic. He has competed in almost every single league season on ESEA, previously playing Invite on Rareform in CS: Source under the tag "KIRE".

Both FACEIT and ESEA have come under fire in recent months from players in North America, with players like Maxim "wippie" Shepelev, Joshua “steel” Nissan, and Anthony “vanity” Malaspina expressing their discontent at the lack of oversight in Rank S and FPL. steel more recently took to Twitter to take aim at the large sums of money distributed weekly through the platforms, asking them to put more focus towards tournaments for teams to take part in instead - echoing similar sentiments to our recent feature piece on the damage these PUG platforms have done to the foundation of players in North America.

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