Polen, zNf, mada, bwills invited to FPL; RBG reinforce ranks of FPL-C

A fresh wave of invites have been distributed in the FPL Circuit.

A handful of players have been sent direct invites to FPL and FPL-C following the conclusion of ESEA MDL Season 34. Included among them are MDL finalists Adam "Polen" Polen and Donovan "zNf" Froid, as well as Oceanus and Levitate members Adam "mada" Pampuch and Brendan "bwills" Williams.

Over in FPL-C, ESEA Advanced Season 34 frontrunners and team voted by the majority of players in Advanced as the #1 side in our Power Rankings, RBG, have been invited. The players and other members of the hub had previously expressed their discontent about not being in FPL-C after a strong showing in Season 33, as well as being widely considered the hottest prospects coming out of Advanced this season. 

The fresh wave of members follows a period where FACEIT were widely criticized in their handling of FPL/FPL-C promotions and demotions by players on Twitter, including Joshua "steel" Nissan, Rahul "curry" Nemani, and Maxim "wippie" Shepelev. Earlier in June, FACEIT also made changes to the way they administrate FPL, bringing on board FACEIT staff members to help players around the clock. 

Both hubs are likely to see an uptick in activity in the near future as players and teams now take a month off for the player break, leaving them more time to compete for the large weekly prize pools on offer.

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