ESEA debut Refrag tool suite

Coaches and analysts everywhere rejoice!

ESEA have rolled out their new ESEA Refrag suite for ESEA Insiders, featuring the three key tools Restrat, Prefire, and Nadr.

Restrat's key features include watch, record, and versus all implemented within a live server. While the "watch" feature is fairly similar to existing tools like Rewind, the "record" and "versus" features bring new things to the table.

The "record" feature will enable teams to take control of players within the demo itself, for example recording an execute and then inserting themselves as the defenders bracing for the execute. Meanwhile, the "versus" feature will allow teams to practice against the executes of some of the greatest CS:GO teams in the world.

Prefire is a warmup server, but the responsibility of spawning the bots falls on the server itself, rather than your PC. Since it is server-based, this amenity will also feature leaderboards and co-op play so you can warm up with teammates. There are 18 warm up arenas to choose from that include every map.

Finally, Nadr features instructions on how to line up common smokes simply by interacting with the icon on the destination. There is a "Smokefinder" calculator that allows you to plug in the throw point and the intended destination. From there, Nadr will output ways to line up the grenade. To practice more spur of the moment utility usage there is also the "Grenade Predictor", which shows the path your throw will take as soon as you pull the pin. It even allows you to snap to the final destination of the throw you have lined up.

The Refrag site lists North American teams such as Complexity, Chaos, Recon 5, and Dignitas as users of the tools. Anyone interested in joing them and trying out Refrag can do so here.

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