School's out as Classless disband

After a poor season, Classless have called it quits.

ESEA Advanced squad Classless have disbanded after a month together, marking the end of a short-lived collaboration for the players. The team initially formed in mid-October to take over ex-Detonate's spot after the organization parted ways with Nolan "Louie" Herges and Mason "mason" Watkins' former lineup on October 7th.

The origin of the team's demise seemingly came on November 9th when Andrew "Kermi" Cretella was cut from Classless. This was shortly followed by Louie leaving on November 16th before the team called it quits on November 17th after testing Dallas "captai" Knisely and Landon "landmaz" Lawrence for two matches.

mason told that the decision to disband came due to the lineup not clicking and finding success in ESEA Advanced Season 47, with that fact being evidenced by their sole win being over Lobotomy, seeing the team dissolve with a 2-6 record.

Classless was at the time of disbandment:

  • United States Mason "mason" Watkins

  • Santiago "LegenD" Diaz

  • United States Julien "Gurtzz" Grotegut

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