Tsunami Sirens to part ways with chigen, trialing new rifler

As the ESL Impact Season 4 comes to an end, changes have started to appear.

Casey "chigen" Glerb announced today that Tsunami Sirens have decided not to renew her contract, which is set to end on December 10th. Her announcement comes after chigen was notably absent during Mustache Masters Season 5, where Robin "rbn" Bondari played in chigen's place. Tsunami Sirens recently missed out on a spot for the ESL Impact Season Finals in Valencia, falling just short of Shimmer thanks to a week one loss to the team.

Dust2.us reached out to chigen who explained that she needed a break to take care of her mental health and she helped find a substitute during her absence. However, as it was never intended to be a long-term break, chigen expressed her sadness at being removed from the roster, although she still wishes the best of luck to the Tsunami Sirens squad.

Tsunami Sirens' coach, Victor "Ink", told Dust2.us that he understood chigen's reasons for taking a break, saying that the change therefore needed to happen as the rest of the team "was really hungry to keep grinding."

The organization also confirmed that chigen is free to explore all options after her contract ends on December 10th, and that rbn was being trialed as the fifth player during Mustache Masters Season 5. Despite the roster change, the organization praised chigen's role within the team and admitted that it was not an easy decision to let go of the player, but rbn has "crushed" the opportunity that was given to her.

rbn played ESL Impact Season 4 North America under the Totsugeki banner and was one of the most impactful players in both of the team's wins, despite only being the fourth highest-rated player of the squad. During Mustache Masters Season 5, rbn topped the Sirens' fragging list against Evil Geniuses on Overpass with 21 kills, despite the 13-10 loss.

The new look Tsunami Sirens are:

  • United States Mira "mira" Luna

  • Daria "daria" Anokhina

  • United States Lydia "Fawx" Dalton

  • Canada Kate "Kate" Toth

  • United States Robin "rbn" Bondari (Stand-in)

  • United States Victor "Ink" (Coach)

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