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LAG win Mustache Masters Season 5, raises over $16k for charity

Mustache Master's first-ever CS2 charity event was a success.

Mustache Masters, a charity event organized by a group of friends from the esports industry, including' editor-in-chief Ryan Friend, aimed at bringing awareness to men's health, both mental and physical, has raised over $16k during its Season 5, and a staggering $100k+ in the five years since the event was founded.

The event was won by LAG, a team featuring a core of European players that have been in North America for some time, after they beat FlyQuest RED in the grand final 2-1, despite the all-women team having a one-map advantage due to coming from the upper-bracket.

FlyQuest RED reached the grand final after a forfeit win over Evil Geniuses in the upper-bracket final due to Colby "Walco" Walsh experiencing an internet outage. In the grand final, LAG got off to a great start winning Mirage 13-2, which carried over to the last map of Ancient that ended with a 13-5 LAG win.

Although LAG won the event, Mustache Masters is much more than just Counter-Strike. Over the weekend, $16,206 were raised through donations from fans, casters, organizations, pro players and team managers. Michael "Swisher" Schmid, M80's rifler, left a very important message through a donation:

Beginning of this year was the worst year of my life and I had horrible thoughts at times. Sometimes you never know how your friends are feeling as most guys always say they're 'fine'. Reach out to your friends you haven't spoken to in a while. It matters.

It was also during this season that Mustache Masters reached one of the long-term goals, managing to surpass the $100k target, raising $101,712 since 2019. During the tournament, there were a lot of giveaways, prizes, and challenges the on-site commentators and the remote guests would have to do, in order to incentivize and promote donations from viewers.

Although Mustache Masters Season 5 has reached its end, you can still donate and help Movember's cause here.

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