A handful of NA teams will vie for the Serbian bootcamp

HLTV to offer bootcamp to Top 8 men's teams and Top 3 women's teams

Some invites have already been sent.

Zvonimir "Professeur" Burazin, Head of Operations for HLTV, has announced on Twitter that HLTV is offering bootcamps to the top eight men's teams and top three women's teams at Relog Media's facilities, in Belgrade, Serbia. While the women's squads who will be attending are not set yet, some invites have already been sent to men's teams.

In addition to the bootcamp, HLTV is also covering travel costs for the teams attending. These bootcamps are set to be part of HLTV's Award Show, which is scheduled for January 13th, 2024 in Belgrade.

According to Professeur, the top three women's teams will be decided after the ESL Impact Season 4 Finals in Valencia are concluded. That event will end on December 10th, which gives plenty of room to sort out the traveling schedules for the three teams invited to the bootcamp.

The bootcamps will start on dates set by the invited teams, meaning HLTV won't restrict teams to bootcamp in Relog's facilities during the Award Show, as the organizations can enjoy the HLTV-backed practice before or after January 13th, 2024.

There are some North American teams able to grab one of the invites, as Complexity has been showing good Counter-Strike lately, and has a high chance of retaining their #6 spot in the HLTV World Ranking. FlyQuest RED and Shimmer are competing in the ESL Impact Season 4 Finals and a top-three finish is very much in both teams' minds.

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