Tricksters won the first NSG CS2 LAN in Philadelphia. Courtesy: Nerd Street

Tricksters and Conquer win first two NSG CS2 LANs

More local LANs for NA is always a good thing.

In November, Nerd Street has held two LAN events in Philadelphia and Glassboro, New Jersey, seeing local NA teams compete for decently sized prize purses and LAN glory at some of NA's first CS2 LANs.

In the first of these local bouts, which took place on November 5th, a mixteam named Tricksters, consisting of a mix of Advanced and Main players won the $500 top prize by besting Revel 2-1 in the five-team event. The core of Tricksters consists of former Detonate Academy players, who their organization recently promoted after finishing top four in ESEA Main Season 46.

Top four for NSG Philly was:

1st: United States Tricksters (fatguy, Tr1ck, Enzo, Go0dby3, dirtydan) - $500
2nd: United States Revel (Jachro, BATSPEED, KaJohnRay, Gman, NoVa) - $250
3rd-4th: United States band 4 band (skylar, dr1ver, lumisade, conman, clipgod)
3rd-4th: United States On Foe Nem Grave (Meli0, dmR, Lui, twotonetony, jdaz)

The next NSG LAN out in Glassboro, New Jersey at Rowan University featured a smaller prizepool of $350 and ran as a one-day event on November 11th. While the turnout was only six teams, some interesting names were still in attendance as ESEA Advanced squad Conquer played the event. Additionally, former CS pro and VALROANT coach Mike "agm" Abood made it out to the event with a mixteam of his own, seeing him play his first CS LAN in four years. These two teams made the finals, with Conquer ultimately coming out on top after besting Stay Frosty 2-0 in the finals.

Additionally, this win for Conquer would see Lucas "fatguy" Muncy win his second NSG LAN in a row as he managed to attend both events.

Top four for NSG Rowan was:

1st: United States Conquer (Scrub-Bricks, neight, Drop, fatguy, ghost_solder) - $350
2nd: United States Stay Frosty (agm, crawfish, c0ntr01, NoVa, Bobby Critz)
3rd-4th: United States The Council (Squeedily Spooch, jo, oJNelly, StasoShot, Houg)
3rd-4th: United States Minimum Wage Workers (MeoW, w0nder, Rice, 3vAn, QuacK)

While these events are not the most high-profile, they serve as solid foundational events for North America, a region which has struggled in the past to give its young players LAN experience. As such, they are important building blocks as the region looks to recover from a myriad number of issues that currently affect the scene.

NSG's next local LANs on their tour will be Denver and Fullerton, with both running on December 9th.

Denver can be signed up for here, while Fullerton has already sold out.

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