Voxel Esports announce $5.5k Flickshot Series in Miami

NA now has three local LANs to kick off the start of 2024.

Voxel Esports and ROK Esports have teamed up once again to hold a second LAN in Palmetto Bay, Florida, from February 23rd to 25th, this time seeing the TO offer a max prizepool of $5.5k should the event have a max of sixteen signups. This event is the latest in something a mini-renaissance for North America, with a large number of local LAN events popping up in recent weeks as Counter-Strike 2 has reinvigorated interest in the game among TOs and LAN centers alike.

Voxel Esports' previous LAN in Florida was won by FLUFFY AIMERS over Rocket, with the former team taking home $3,000 for their win over the fellow ECL team. While Florida is not as common a location for LAN events as Dallas or Philadelphia, the positive turnout from NA teams for their first event likely helped them to have a quick turnaround on hosting a second event.

Teams interested in signing up or looking for more details can check out Voxel's Discord here.

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