Fragadelphia & GXL partner for 2024 kickoff LAN

The second local LAN of 2024 has been announced!

Fragadelphia has announced a partnership with GXL, which was established in 2004, as a collaboration of local gaming LANs and organizations in the metropolitan Philadelphia area. As part of this union, Fragadelphia will work with the operator to host GXL Forstbyte, an early January LAN to kick off 2024.

Hosted by GXL at the Sector X gaming venue in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, the tournament will only allow for 16 teams to participate and will have a hotel block coming shortly.

This marks the second LAN that Fragadelphia has been involved in since the split with Nerd Street earlier in 2023. While no main Fragadelphia event has been held since Fragadelphia 17, the activity from the organizer is promising.

Tickets are on sale now!

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