Shimmer clinch final Impact Valencia spot

The squad managed to secure the spot even after roster changes.

With theor win over EG Gold, Shimmer have secured themselves a spot in ESL Impact Season 4 Finals in Valencia, making them the only free-agent team to compete in this season's finals, making it the second season in a row the beat has beaten the odds.

EG Gold managed to put a fight during map two, but Shimmer proved to be too much and held onto their leads. With tonight's results, Karma will have to fight through the open qualifiers for a spot in the regional division next season as the team finished 5th, despite winning their last match against Totsugeki.

On map one, Ancient, picked by EG Gold, Shimmer completely ran over their opposition, with Lucy "empathy" Verkaik leading the charge from the very start. The AWPer ended the first half with 20 kills and gave her team a 10-2 lead. After that, EG Gold only managed to win one more round as Shimmer would put an end to Ancient with a 13-3 score.

Map two would be Mirage and things would prove to be more competitive than the previous map. EG Gold managed to stop Shimmer's offense five times and showed up with a good T-side in the second half. By the end of the map, some nerves started to show and Shimmer took advantage of that. 13-11 was the final score, securing the tickets to Spain for Shimmer.

EG Gold
0 - 2
All maps
EG Gold K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
Kiki 'PiggyKiki' Long 33 - 31 +2 77.8 80.0% 1.18
United States Kiara 'm1lky' Makua 30 - 32 -2 79.2 72.5% 1.03
United States Vanessa 'vanessa' Gideon 23 - 32 -9 66.7 70.0% 0.91
Sweden Tilde '7licious' Byström 24 - 32 -8 69.7 62.5% 0.85
United States Juliana 'Juli' Tosic 20 - 31 -11 64.9 65.0% 0.80
Shimmer K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
United States Abigail 'abby' Deters 48 - 25 +23 113.5 85.0% 1.81
United States Lucy 'empathy' Verkaik 47 - 26 +21 111.1 82.5% 1.70
Australia Phoebe 'phoebe' Winter 29 - 25 +4 70.1 85.0% 1.12
Canada Julie 'Bouchard' Bouchard 17 - 25 -8 59.3 77.5% 0.84
United States Lynn 'Lx' Clarke 17 - 29 -12 51.5 65.0% 0.76

While Shimmer must be celebrating their trip to Valencia, Karma must be feeling sorry as the squad couldn't manage a top-four finish, meaning they will have to fight through the open qualifiers for next season. Alongside them are Totsugeki, Cherry Bombs, and Hyperion. The teams getting an invite for the next season's regional division are now FlyQuest RED, Shimmer, EG Gold, and Tsunami Sirens.

The final stage of ESL Impact Season 4 will happen in Valencia, from December 8th until December 10th. With every region finishing their group stages tonight, the team list is now:

FlyQuest RED
Brazil FURIA fe
Nigma Galaxy Female
9Pandas Fearless

United States Shimmer
Brazil Fluxo Demons
NAVI Javelins

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