Liquid will be back in action next week

Liquid invited to CCT Global Finals

A quick online event in Europe before Dallas.

Liquid have been invited to participate in the $500k CCT Season 1 Global Finals, where they are one of sixteen teams set to compete in the week-long online event. Liquid are the sole team with NA players in attendance, while paiN and MIBR have also made their way out to Europe via the Online Finals.

The event features a fairly standard format, with four GSL groups leading into a single-elimination bracket. Liquid have been placed in a group alongside paiN, AMKAL, and OG, with Liquid being the highest-ranked team in their group and the fifth highest-ranked team in the event.

Liquid will look to use this event to gain some additional practice before heading back stateside for IEM Dallas 2024, which is set to start on May 27th. Should Liquid make the finals, they will have a very quick four day turnaround ahead of NA's premier LAN event.

The team list for the CCT Season 1 Global Finals consists of:

Denmark Astralis
Eternal Fire

Denmark Gaimin Gladiators
World Liquid
Brazil MIBR
Brazil paiN

Liquid's opening match is set to be against OG on May 18th at 02:30PM.

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