EliGE ended the series with a 1.75 rating and an ACE to boot

Top plays from Complexity's 2-0 win over Virtus.pro

EliGE in particular had a great series versus the Russians.

Complexity have secured themselves a semifinals berth at ESL Pro League Season 19 after a massive showing against Virtus.pro. The 2-0 victory demonstrated Complexity's prowess against one of the most meticulous teams in the world, and included some great individual moments from the team.

#3 JT 4k bombsite defense vs. Virtus.pro on Vertigo

In Complexity's penultimate round on Vertigo, Johnny "JT" Theodosiou was a stalwart defender of the A-site ramp, securing four kills as Virtus.pro pushed in one at a time, netting Complexity match point and ultimately leading to their crushing 13-3 victory on the map.

#2 United States Grim 4k 2v5 vs. Virtus.pro on Vertigo

Michael "Grim" Wince came alive during the final round of the first half on Vertigo, leading a solo push up mid to find two kills, allowing Håkon "hallzerk" Fjærli to plant the bomb on B before closing the round out with two kills to secure Complexity their tenth round while also winning a 2v5 versus Virtus.pro.

#1: United States EliGE ACE vs. Virtus.pro on Ancient

Jonathan "EliGE" Jablonowski was on fire early in the series versus Virtus.pro as he started round five on Ancient with four kills before claiming a 1v1 win versus Dzhami "Jame" Ali to secure Complexity their fourth round in what would ultimately be a 13-9 win to open the series.

With another impressive win under their belts, Complexity will now await the winner of G2 vs. MOUZ as they look to lock in their second grand finals appearance in six months.

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