ESL Challenger Atlanta Open Qualifiers begin today

Could you make it to Georgia?

The open qualifiers for ESL Challenger Atlanta begin today with 84 teams already signed up for the competition. The two-day event begins today at 06:00PM with check-in slated for earlier this afternoon.

Two spots are up for grabs to the ESL Challenger Atlanta Closed Qualifier, where teams can meet both Party Astronauts and Evil Geniuses, but not Wildcard. The Blueprint organization was added earlier this morning after ESL decided to remove Wildcard following their massive roster change over the weekend which saw them part ways with the majority of their roster and bring in the core of Forsaken.

Because of that change, ESL elected to award the spot to Evil Geniuses. has reached out to ESL and the appropriate parties to understand the situation further as an inspection of the ESL Challenger rulebook has raised some questions regarding the inconsistent application of a license transfer.

Beyond that, it is now expected that both current Wildcard and ex-Wildcard will enter the event where they will meet teams like Take Flyte, Badass, MIGHT, and TORQUED. Joshua "steel" Nissan appears to be reviving his old brand and will be playing with Jack "micro" Ryan, Silas "silas" Marrufo, Marian "tyfoon" Lesnic, and Maxwell "xam" Power.

Teams that are interested can still sign up here.

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