ESL will stay on CS:GO

ESL to continue using CS:GO for EPL

The organizer has come to a decision.

ESL has announced that ESL Pro League Season 18 will continue to be played in CS:GO until the end of the tournament, despite the launch of CS2.

As Counter-Strike 2 is released, a lot of doubt has crept into tournament organizers and player's minds. Not knowing which game they are going to play makes preparation a lot harder as gameplay is totally different.

On the opposite end of the spectrum are ESEA Cash Cup events, which will be played in the new version of Counter-Strike this weekend.

Other ongoing competitions, such as ESL Impact Season 4, will continue to be played in CS:GO for the remainder of the week, but there's no information regarding the week after.

ESL Challenger League Season 46 North America has seen today's games being postponed to a later date.

With this news, ESL Pro League Season 18 is the last big CS:GO event ever, as everything going forward will be played in Counter-Strike 2.

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