Valve has two gifts for CS:GO players in CS2

Some swag for those who played CS:GO.

With Counter-Strike just coming out, Valve have added two special gifts for long-time fans of the Counter-Strike series and CS:GO in particular. Once players launch CS2 for the first time post beta, they will find in their inventories a CS:GO-themed Music Kit and a special profile Badge for playing the game.

The music kit add the main menu and in-game music that everyone has burned into their memories from 2012 to 2023, while the profile badge can be displayed in the same way an operation coin or pick'em award. While almost everyone will get this music kits and badge now, it will be interesting to see in the coming years how the community has changed when running into players without these items. Perhaps one day we'll see a Major winner without a Global Offensive Badge? Only time will tell.

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