ESL cut ECL down to two seasons per year

It is unknown what changes will come to the league with the new schedule.

As part of ESL's announcements regarding their plans for 2024, the tournament organizer slipped in the news that ESL Challenger League will be transitioning from featuring four seasons to only two seasons next year. This change marks a significant change for what has historically been one of the most significant events for North America, forming the cornerstone of the semi-professional scene.

While details about the future of the league in ESL's announcement were sparse, what we do know is that Season 47 will run from February to June while Season 48 will run from July to November. As such, with details being lacking as they are, it will remain to be seen if ESL change the format, offer a larger prizepool per season, or otherwise offer other forms of compensation for cutting two seasons on paper.

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#1(With 3 replies)
September 21, 2023 05:32PM
There's a lot of unknowns here. What happens to the lower divisions of ESEA for example? If those divisions get cut to two seasons a year does that mean they will play more games now?
#2(With 2 replies)
September 21, 2023 05:35PM
Also, if I'm not mistaken, before moving to the ECL name and format there were only 3 seasons a year and one of them was a "training" season, which didn't qualify you for anything.
#3(With 1 replies)
September 21, 2023 06:28PM
Things have been a bit messy because of CS2, but ESL intended for four season per year based on their announcement graphic.
#4(With 0 replies)
September 22, 2023 10:22AM
I'm not disagreeing with that, I'm just pointing out that 4 seasons a year hasn't always been the case. For better or worse...
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