Dust2 Digest: Top news from May 2023

From Paris to Dallas, here are the biggest stories in May.

The Dust2 Digest is a monthly digest recapping all the most important and impactful pieces of NA CS news each month on the Dust2.us and HLTV news networks.

After months of playing in Europe on NA servers, AWPer Jonathan "b0denmaster" Bodenmalm announced he would be stepping down from the starting lineup at ATK.

The woes at ATK continued when former player Jonathan "djay" Dallal announced his departure just hours after b0den's news, sending multiple allegations at the way of the organization about payments and negotiations.

To wrap up the ATK trilogy, the organization signed short-term contracts with a new lineup and the owner made a statement, ushering in a new era for the organization.

News hit weeks prior to IEM Dallas that Complexity's star AWPer Håkon "hallzerk" Fjærli was in danger of missing the event due to Visa issues, something that would eventually come to fruition for the lineup.

During Paris, BLAST sold out of the 4,000-capacity Spring Finals event set to take place in Washington D.C. on June 7th. After some time, BLAST eventually opted to sell more tickets to the event.

Looking back at the Major, here were some highlights across the Challengers and Legends stage ahead of Vitality's Paris victory.

After over three years with the organization, analyst and assistant coach Anton "⁠AntO_oNNN⁠" Van Gorp announced his departure from Complexity.

Lastly, the tenured Liquid rifler Nick "nitr0" Cannella announced that IEM Dallas would be his final ride with Liquid as he will be stepping down from the starting lineup. For possible replacements, be sure to check out the article above.

BLAST Paris Major results

  • United States Liquid: 5-8th, Champions Stage

  • Brazil FURIA: 15-16th, Legends Stage

  • Brazil paiN: 9-11th, Challengers Stage

  • United States Complexity: 12-14th, Challengers Stage

  • Brazil Fluxo: 15-16th, Challengers Stage

ESL Challenger League S45 top eight

1st: Brazil MIBR
2nd: United States EG Black
3rd: United States ATK
4th: United States paiN

5-6th: United States Nouns
5-6th: United States Wildcard
7-8th: United States FLUFFY AIMERS
7-8th: United States Party Astronauts

ESEA Advanced S45 regular season standings

1st: Canada Torch EC
2nd: United States Reign
4th: Canada No Impact

5th: United States Rocket
6th: United States Detonate
7th: Canada StrikeX
8th: United States 4ORMULA

ESEA Main S45 regular season standings

1st: United States ConquerGG
2nd: United States Hite Gaming
3rd: United States DoomGG
4th: United States Holly Molly

5th: United States Mach 5
6th: United States Xmplfy
7th: United States so ez lol
8th: Canada RICE NATION

Notable roster moves

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