Snakes Den part ways with roster

Ahead of ECL Relegation, the team will be on the hunt for a new org.

Following the conclusion of the regular season of ESL Challenger League Season 45, Sebastian "Seb" Dietrich announced that he and his teammates would be on the hunt for a new organization to represent, with the goal of securing a "new long-term partner, who will help us reach our goals and elevate our squad".

The core of the former Snakes Den roster was signed in mid-January ahead of Season 44 of ESEA Advanced, with Dylan "DJF" Ferreira being the only holdover from the squad's previous ECL lineup. Under the Snakes Den banner, the team managed to make their way to ECL Season 44 Relegation after a fourth place finish in Advanced, but initially fell short of returning to the region's top league. Following the collapse of Vendetta however, a slot was opened in ECL for Snakes Den to claim.

This iteration of Snakes Den's performance in ECL Season 45 was mixed, as the squad very quickly had to part ways with Dwight "Calix" Nguyen, whose school schedule impacted his ability to play consistently with the team, seeing Kyle "Wolffe" Greenfield take his place on the lineup. Overall, the team finished with a 2-5 record, securing wins over Limitless and Take Flyte while taking maps off MIBR, Strife, and Wildcard. The team are now set to compete in ECL Relegation, slated to begin in early June.

When reached for comment regarding the team's decision to split with Snakes Den, McKinley "Cyrix" Hollison stated that although Snakes Den had been great to work with, the squad was on the hunt for an organization that could provide more support, financial and otherwise. Cyrix also stated that the squad would be competing as "Looking for Organization" for the time being.

Snakes Den's former roster was:

  • United States Dylan "DJF" Ferreria

  • United States McKinley "Cyrix" Holison

  • United States Sebastian "Seb" Dietrich

  • United States Mason "Lake" Sanderson

  • United States Kyle "Wolffe" Greenfield

  • Bartek "Distu" Janaszek (Coach)

The former Snakes Den squad will have some time before their run in ECL Season 45 Relegation, with the all-important event not set to begin until June 9th.

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