Snakes Den swap Portuguese coach for Polish coach

A new European coach has entered the mix in NA.

Snakes Den have updated their coaching staff, seeing Lucas "zander" Carvalho step down from the team on May 7th, while the team's new coach, Bartek "Distu" Janaszek, came on board on May 11th. The addition of the EU ESEA Main player sees Snakes Den add their second European coach in recent months.

zander was with Snakes Den during their successful run through ESEA Advanced Season 44 and ESL Challenger League Season 44 Relegation, helping the squad to claim a spot in ECL S45. Despite seemingly working well with the team, McKinley "Cyrix" Hollison told that zander decided to step down from Snakes Den due to the large timezone difference between Europe and North America. The inability to commit more time to Snakes Den also likely comes down to zander's decision to double dip, with zander also coaching minor Brazilian team Arena Jogue Fácil in their own respective circuit.

With zander out of the picture, Snakes Den's new coach, Distu, will embark on his first coaching role after playing for a number of minor teams in the European circuit. Distu previously played for Endangered, XRAVEL, and Glitchtech, names only really known to the most hardcore of hardcore European CS:GO fans. As such, Distu will have big shoes to fill in his largest role to date.

With Distu, Snakes Den are now:

  • United States McKinley "Cyrix" Hollison

  • United States Dylan "DJF" Ferreira

  • United States Sebastian "Seb" Dietrich

  • United States Mason "Lake" Sanderson

  • United States Kyle "Wolffe" Greenfield

  • Bartek "Distu" Janaszek (Coach)

Snakes Den's next outing will be against Limitless on May 15th. This match will be do-or-die for the two teams as it will decide which team in their group will be directly demoted to Advanced for Season 46.

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