arcade is set to give Andrew a second chance

BHOP to field arcade and spek for Relegation; Feral steps down

arcade and spek have reunited with Andrew to help retain BHOP's ECL spot.

BHOP are set to field two stand-ins for ESL Challenger League Season 45 Relegation as the departure of James "Gonzo" Madden has been followed by Aidan "Feral" Wood's own decision to take a break from competition on May 19th. In the duos' place, BHOP will use former Davenport players John "arcade" Rogel and William "spek" Smith.

Feral's decision to take a break from competition for the "foreseeable future" comes down to the New Zealander recently being hired by the Aircraft industry company Boeing full-time and wishing to focus on things outside the game. For the time being he is set to remain on BHOP's bench and will reevaluate his options once CS2 releases this summer.

As previously mentioned, arcade and spek are set to fill in for the team, having joined the roster right before the roster lock. This move notably reunites arcade and spek with Andrew "Andrew" Burell, with whom they played alongside on InControl for a number of months. The core had previously broken up in April 2022, with arcade accusing Andrew of being "toxic", but it appears their issues have been resolved. This could perhaps set the stage for the LAN-winning trio to reunite should Relegation go well.

BHOP's roster for ECL S45 Relegation will consist of:

  • United States Andrew "Andrew" Burrell

  • United States Drew "drewtheshrew" Lamb

  • United States Mohamed "Penguin Algadir

  • United States John "arcade" Rogel (Stand-in)

  • United States William spek" Smith (Stand-in)

  • United States Byron "mst" Masterson (Coach)

ESL Challenger League Season 45 Relegation is set to start on June 9th.

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