Liquid grace the stage with their presence

NA at the Major in Pictures

It's North America's turn in the spotlight today.

Yesterday we compiled the best photos from the playoffs, today we have the best photos of NA from the whole Major. Starting all the way back in the Challengers Stage and right up to the point when Liquid were eliminated.

The Challengers Stage

Kicking off the Challengers Stage, we had Liquid, Complexity and paiN present and playing for their spot in the Legends Stage.

Complexity actually beat GamerLegion in their opening BO1, what a nice surprise.
Old mates nitr0 and Twistzz say hello in passing.
Liquid fall to Apeks in their opening match, foreshadowing what was to come...

With the first round matches seeing paiN smash Fluxo, Complexity defeat GamerLegion, and Liquid falter to Apeks, it was time for the second round of matches...

paiN couldn't repeat the same thrashing on FaZe as they did to Fluxo.
The kangaroo knocked over as Complexity fall to G2... :(
Head down by YEKINDAR after losing to FORZE and going 0-2 in the Swiss.
Not much different by the rest of the team as oSee and EliGE look defeated.

Things were definitely looking bad for Liquid as they fell to FORZE and Apeks. Both Complexity and paiN also lose their matches but they were high matches and did not send them down to 0-2 as Liquid were. Unfortunately, the draw ended up meaning paiN would be playing versus Complexity the next day.

No trouble for paiN as they swamped Complexity 16-4 on Nuke.
A concerned T.c during Complexity's match versus paiN
Finally, smiles on the faces of Liquid as they take down Fluxo.

An okay day for North America as paiN move forward to the 2-1 matches, however, Liquid and Complexity now face each other in the 1-2 matches... shame about the seeding.

Disaster strikes in the paiN camp as they aren't able to bring revenge on Apeks for Liquid.
A happy hallzerk as Complexity secure an important round versus Liquid.
Untimately however, Liquid come out on top in the series 2:0 and move on to 2-2.

The final day of the Challengers Stage... Liquid faced Grayhound and paiN faced Monte.

paiN fall 1:2 to Monte and are eliminated from the Major :(
During the match we catch EliGE enjoy their dominating play over Grayhound.
Liquid have no trouble taking down Grayhound in their matchup, smiles from nitr0.

The Legends Stage

With only Liquid and FURIA left to represent North America, things were looking harder for us to keep up the smiles. In the opening matches, Liquid faced 9INE and FURIA faced Monte.

drop puts on a smile as they greet Monte who took them down 16-7 on Ancient.
EZPZ Lemon SqueeZED for Liquid over 9INE on Overpass.

In round 2, Liquid faced Natus Vincere, a formidable opponent, while FURIA were given NIP to try to avoid 0-2.

yuurih from FURIA can't believe they were sent to the 0-2 Swiss bracket.
EliGE smiles for the camera after a round win over NAVI.
YEKINDAR lets out a scream alongside EliGE in a clutch situation.
How does YEKINDAR play so close to the monitor and still see everything??

In mirror opposites, Liquid were 2-0 and FURIA were 0-2 in the opening day of the Legends Stage. Tomorrow Liquid face Heroic and FURIA fight for tournament life versus G2.

oSee struggles a little in the final map versus Heroic, ultimately falling 1:2.
FURIA unfortunately lose out to G2 in a painful 0:2 and are sent home.
The team comforts each other after the devastating loss.

With just Liquid left to represent North America, things were not ideal, however, the team looked much stronger and we didn't have any doubts in the boys.

A (mostly) simple 2:0 over the British at Into The Breach send Liquid to the playoffs.

The Champions Stage

With Liquid making it to the Accor Arena, North America would be represented on the largest stage for Counter-Strike once again! Their opening match was to be versus Apeks, a rematch, in the quarterfinals.

The boys stand proud in the center of the arena for all the fans to see.
Our legendary team stares down the trophy the hoped the claim.

Unfortunately, there aren't any photos from during the match that we can show, but know that it was an emotional game for everyone.

Sadly, we weren't able to overcome Apeks in the rematch.
EliGE gives a honorable interview on the stage with James Banks after the loss.
We thank NAF and the team for sticking around to do interviews with us after.

Did we capture your favorite moment of the Major or did we miss it? Let us know in the comments below!

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