oSee was often the win condition for Liquid with his clutch ability

Top Plays from the Americas in the Paris Major

The best and brightest from the Americas were on display in key rounds at the Paris Major.

With the final Major in CS:GO history coming to a close, it was fans' last chance to see the Americas' best teams in action in the highest stakes before the release of Counter-Strike 2. With that in mind, Dust2.us has looked back at the Major as a whole for the best plays across the BLAST.tv Paris Major.

#5: Brazil skullz 1v3 clutch vs. United States Complexity on Nuke

Felipe "skullz" Medeiros has proven himself as one of the rising stars in the Brazilian scene, and this round helped demonstrate his massive potential as the 21-year-old won three duels in quick succession to clinch the round versus Complexity.

#4: United States oSee 1v3 clutch post-plant defense vs. Australia Grayhound on Anubis

Many often forget that Josh "oSee" Ohm can be a wicked player on the rifles as well as the AWP. As such, let this round be a reminder as oSee mowed down three of Grayhound's players with ease to get Liquid a fifth round on Anubis in the Challengers Stage.

#3: hallzerk 1v3 clutch vs. G2 on Inferno

Håkon "hallzerk" Fjærli had a chance to show off his AWPing prowess in the Challengers Stage as he clutched a 1v3 against G2 on Inferno in a solo effort to get the bomb down after a failed B push.

#2: United States oSee 4 clean kills on the B site vs. Into The Breach on Anubis

oSee was the hammer and Into The Breach were the nails in this round on Anubis as oSee cracked open the site before slamming the door shut of any chance of the Brits finding their seventh round on their CT-side.

#1: United States oSee 1v3 with the AWP vs. Into The Breach on Overpass

An absolutely beautiful mix of positioning and crisp flicks resulted in oSee pulling back a round from Into The Breach that Liquid had no business winning. With opponents on all sides, oSee maintained his cool in the clutch.

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