Magisk is a four-time Major winner

Magisk on winning in Paris: "It couldn't get more special than that"

The Danish rifler spoke about his incredible achievement.

Vitality's unsurprising, but incredible victory in Paris seemed destined from the beginning. The team continued to speak about how the end goal for the squad was to win the last CS:GO Major in Paris, how everything was leading up to this exact moment in time. For Emil "Magisk" Reif, this was his fourth Major win, an incredibly achievement that not many can compete with. Following his gladiatorial victory, Magisk spoke with' Ryan Friend about the victory, what his career has meant, and how nobody could have predicted this.

For Magisk, who has won four Majors, each one of them have been special in their own right. But for this Major in Paris, it was different. In a way it was more special, but each of them remain important to his life.

I think all of them have different storylines, the first Major I won in London was obviously special because it was the first one. I think everyone of them have a different storyline, I feel a bit more proud of this one because I went to an international team and I wanted to prove that I could be part of a winning team and we have showed that we are capable of that. The whole process that we have been doing for many months now has been a journey. I am just really, really proud of everything.

The journey for the team has been a talking point throughout the last several months. The move away from a French-majority roster into an international team was controversial, but has proven fruitful, especially now. For Magisk, it was a long journey that took dedication and cohesion.

In the end, it's nothing special. We made a plan together as a team that we all believe in. We started out with a goal of winning this Major in Paris - we started out with that in January. Ever since then for us it's about finding mistakes and working every single day, having a lot of routines and working out the best possible way as a team. It might sound a little bit simple and that's because it is. For us, it was important that we had the same goal when we went into the stage. We are always talking together about expectations and finding out we can show up the best way individually and as a team. It's really simple, but it really is an important tool for us to achieve our goals.

With a new game coming out, the chapter on CS:GO is starting to close. For Magisk, this is a quintessential ending to his time with the game and he cannot wait to begin anew.

Ever since the announcement I've been focusing on this game. We didn't have time to focus on the new game. Of course it's the perfect ending for me. Winning the last CS:GO Major in Paris in front of the home crowd, I mean, it couldn't get more special than that. I am really, really happy about that. Of course I see the new game as a new opportunity to make a new career in some way. Start over in some sense and achieve goals in that game.

And for Magisk, this was never even a dream - to win four Majors. Nobody tells you that this is how your career is going to go.

I think it's impossible to predict your future. Of course I wouldn't have expected to be standing here and winning four majors, I mean, I am just really happy that I got here. Nobody can predict that, I don't think anyone can predict you're going to win four Majors.

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