Oh my god... kennyS???

Best moments from Paris Major showmatch

The Paris Major showmatch was one of the most fun thanks to an assortment of mutators.

The BLAST.tv Paris Major continued the tradition of Majors having a showmatch ahead of the Grand Final, and Paris' may be one of the best in history. Due to a number of mutators and an excellent assortment of players, the action was turned up to eleven as everyone had a chance to have some fun ahead in the final CS:GO Major.

Dream Team get smoked off

Players may be familiar with smokes in-game, but the immersion was turned up to eleven in this round as the whole player booth was bathed in smoke from the on-stage fog machines.

James Banks really tries

While most of the players seemed to get a handle on the inverted controls quickly, super sub James Banks had a rough go at things before ultimately being dispatched by Kenny "kennyS" Schrub.

Monsieur Trumpet leads Team France on

The fan-favorite trumpet player in the crowd got his chance in the limelight as he was brought on stage to cheer Team France on in this round.

Le Tank Deployed

Le Tank, Cédric "RpK" Guipouy, really lived up to his nickname in this round as he was fitted with a Heavy Assault Suit and allowed to rampage through the Dream Team on Nuke.

Like a Speed Demon

This round went extra quick as every player has granted a massive speed boost, no scripting required.

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