dupreeh has a chance to secure a record fifth Major win

What to expect from Vitality v. GamerLegion

The Paris crowd will heavily support the French-Danish mix in the last CS:GO Major Final.

Vitality always looked like they would make it to the Final in Paris, a 3-0 sweep of the Legends Stage and a playoff bracket where they faced Into the Breach and Apeks put them as almost a guarantee to make the Grand Final. On the other hand, GamerLegion are the last Cinderella story in what has been a tournament full of upsets and shock runs. Beating Heroic in the Semi-Final has shown that the International squad means serious business and can't be taken lightly, despite being heavy underdogs against Vitality.

Last hurdle for the Hometown heroes

Vitality have been dominant since they started their Major campaign in the Legends Stage, sweeping aside Monte, ENCE, and G2 to go 3-0. In the playoffs with the full force of the Accor Arena behind them they haven't missed a beat as they are still yet to drop a map at the BLAST Paris Major.

  • A good performance and win in the final will surely secure Mathieu "zywOo" Herbaut the last Major MVP of CS:GO, as he sits second with a 1.36 rating at the tournament so far.

  • Lotan "Spinx" Giladi also finds himself in the top five rated players at the event, with a 1.22 rating

  • Vitality yet to drop a single map in Paris

Last underdog standing

GamerLegion were never expected to be here, whilst other upset teams like ITB, Monte and Apeks fell earlier in the playoffs the Kamil "siuhy" Szkaradek led team has endured. Starting off their Major campaign going 0-2 after losses to Complexity and TheMongolz, the team has rallied back to make it all the way to the Grand Final. Even when they were criticized for having an easy run and counted out against Heroic they passed that test with flying colors, beating the Danes 2-1 to make the final. Vitality will be a different beast, so far the crowd has largely cheered for the team, that support will certainly not be there when they play Vitality.

  • Mihai "iM" Ivan highest rated player at event, 1.44 rating

  • Have faced two top five teams, losing to NAVI in BO1 before beating Heroic in their Semi-Final

  • First big event final for any of the GamerLegion players

Likely Vetoes

  • Vitality ban Ancient, perma ban

  • GamerLegion ban Anubis, first ban 64% in past three months

  • Vitality pick Nuke, 100% win rate and eight map winstreak

  • GamerLegion pick Overpass, 92% winrate

  • Both teams are comfortable on Inferno and could see it taking it once again taking it's place as CS:GO's classic deciding map

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