The Showmatch will be played in CS:GO

Viewers can influence Showmatch

You get to choose what happens in the server.

BLAST is known for its connection to the fans and it isn't the first time viewers using the tournament organizer's website to watch a competition can affect how the game goes.

This time, fans have already decided which map is going to be played. In a poll to ban the final map, users were split between Nuke and Inferno, with both maps receiving 50% of the votes, but Inferno was banned, ultimately.

Do you know The Hunger Games? This is just like it. Fans won't be able to outright kill a player, but in turn, will be able to choose special rounds with very particular features.

Viewers will be able to choose from a list of 10 special rounds that consist of a decreased bomb timer, a real-life smoke being "thrown" to prevent players from seeing their monitors properly, a low-gravity setting, a slow-motion and hyper speed mode, infinite grenades, playing with the inverted mouse setting on, weapons with double their normal fire rate, no recoil on the weapons, and even a round with the monitors turned off.

The Showmatch starts at 09:00AM and it will be a head-to-head between Team France and BLAST Dream Team.

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