Spinx will be playing in his first Major final in front of the French crowd

Spinx: “We don’t underestimate anyone”

Vitality’s Israeli rifler believes that the key to avoiding upsets is not underestimating your opponent.

Vitality were heavy favorites heading into their Semi-Final match against Apeks, on home soil they also had the benefit of waves of French fans supporting their team. Despite two extremely close maps, 16-14 on Mirage and 16-12 on Vertigo, Vitality would avoid the upset and march on to the final. In the grand final, they will be facing off against GamerLegion, who shocked the world to beat Heroic in their own close Semi-Final match.

Reaching his first Major final in his fledgling career, the team's Israeli superstar Lotan "Spinx" Giladi spoke to Dust2.us' Arnie Petty briefly about the game and how it feels to have the support of nearly the entire arena.

Despite the match being close it always felt like it was in Vitality's hands, the team was in firm control of Mirage before they let it slip. Whilst on Vertigo, it was Apeks who took a 4-1 lead before Vitality strung together nine out of the next ten rounds to give themselves a healthy advantage.

I'm just super happy. It wasn't easy, we had some rounds we f*cked up, some bad situations but in the end, we performed really well. Shoutout to them for the great rounds they had.

Asked about the two comebacks Apeks started and how the team kept their composure, Spinx says that they didn't even think about it. The team approached the game round-by-round.

We just said to everyone, we don't even think about it even if they are close, 14-14 or whatever it is, we just focus on the round.

In a Major full of upsets and underdog runs, Vitality has managed to avoid the fate of some of the compatriots.

We don't underestimate anyone, it doesn't matter what rank you are. If you are here and facing us there is a reason for it.

Although there are major benefits to having a massive crowd on your side, there are also drawbacks. Not least the amount of pressure that is put on a team to perform, and for Vitality to be in the Grand Final in front of their home crowd the pressure will certainly be on. Despite this, Spinx is just trying to enjoy the support as it is rare for players to enjoy such a supportive atmosphere.

It’s just amazing, every time we go to the arena we meet fans outside chanting your name and cheering for you 24/7. It's the first time for me in my career that the crowd and fans are like this. I'm just enjoying the moment and trying to make the most of it.

Asked for his thoughts on the final, Spinx says the team won’t do anything different from the usual game plan.

We won't do anything special, we will prepare like a normal game, do everything like a normal game and do our best to win.

Vitality will face off against GamerLegion in the BLAST.tv Paris Major grand final tomorrow at 11:00AM.

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