corn will replace SummY for Relegation

SummY out of Take Flyte; corn to play Relegation

corn will look to "pop off" in Relegation.

Take Flyte have parted ways with parted ways with British rifler Owen "SummY" Mustard and is set to field former Davenport player Tommy "corn" Eckhart in ESL Challenger League Season 45 Relegation. Relegation will be corn's first match after he left the disintegrating Davenport University roster at the end of March.

Regarding the decision to part ways with SummY, Take Flyte's coach, Luke "Viathan" Carstens, told that the team was blindsided by the earlier departure of Kyle "Wolffe" Greenfield. After trying to work with their new roster things weren't jelling to a level the team were comfortable with, leading to the decision to part ways with the Brit. Take Flyte notably finished ECL S45 with a 1-6 record. During the season, SummY posted a 0.68 rating over ten maps.

Take Flyte will play Relegation with the following lineup:

  • United States Umar "Umar" Qaiser

  • United States Nicholas "nicx" Lee

  • United States Noah "Nifty" Francis

  • United States Liam "xCAPE" Redmond

  • United States Tommy "corn" Eckhart (Stand-in)

  • United States Luke "Viathan" Carstens (Coach)

ESL Challenger League Season 45 Relegation is set to begin on June 9th.

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