hallzerk's issue issues have continued to drag on

Complexity star's IEM Dallas debut in doubt

The hometown organization may have to play without their AWPer.

Visa issues have hit the Complexity camp with Håkon "hallzerk" Fjærli in danger of missing out on attending IEM Dallas due to extended delays connected to his US visa approval, Complexity CS:GO General Manager Graham "messioso" Pitt confirmed to Dust2.us today.

Complexity have made no secret of their issues with hallzerk's visa and immigration issues, with the issues previously threatening his attendance for the BLAST.tv Paris Major Americas RMR in Monterrey, Mexico. Fortunately, in that instance, the sniper was able to an emergency passport, as his was still held by the Embassy in Norway, allowing him to successfully travel to the RMR.

Since then, there has apparently been no progress made on the visa approval, and as such Complexity are now starting the search for a potential stand-in for their event, which is just a few short weeks away.

The other international player on the roster, Johnny "JT" Theodosiou recently resolved his long-time visa issues when he obtained a Portuguese passport due to his mother holding Portuguese citizenship. While it's not an automatic solution, the European Union passport has far greater visa free access than his South African passport.

hallzerk has been something of a revelation for the team since replacing Paytyn "junior" Johnson last year. While the team's results have been somewhat mixed since he joined, the team have shown moments of brilliance like their top-eight finish at IEM Katowice 2023. Additionally, the squad briefly climbed to eighth in the world on HLTV's world rankings.

Earlier today, Complexity were eliminated from the BLAST.tv Paris Major at the hands of Liquid, who took them to task in a 2-0 drubbing. This is coincidentally the second time that Complexity and Liquid faced one another in a 1-2 elimination match at a Major in the Challengers stage, the first time being at PGL Antwerp.

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