Is insani Brazil's next superstar?

MIBR book tickets to Riyadh

The Brazilians managed to win the North American qualifier.

The two-day qualifier has come to an end with MIBR claiming the spot in Gamers8 2023 after beating ATK in a grand final that was the only BO3 series of the competition.

In a surprising fashion, ATK managed to beat paiN in order to be present in the grand final.

After a first day of no complications for the Brazilian legendary tag, MIBR had a lot of work to do ahead of the semifinals against Nouns, who had looked incredible during day one, with wins over WITHOUTWARNING and Evil Geniuses. Unfortunately for the North American side, Felipe "insani" Yuji was having an amazing day and completely decimated Nouns' hopes of going to Riyadh with 31 kills in MIBR's 16-9 victory.

On the other side of the bracket, paiN were the clear favorites to take the win and advance to the grand final. Coming from the Paris Major one would think paiN were used to prevailing in BO1s, but today the team was off. Adam "WolfY" Andersson went insane and propelled ATK to a 16-11 win with 31 kills.

The grand final between ATK and MIBR started off at a blistering pace on Inferno. A lot of back-and-forth rounds or runs of rounds had both teams tied at the half and then at the end of round 30, with ATK having the lead 15-13. The overtime was a reflection of the first 30 rounds, as both teams couldn't close the map. In the end, MIBR prevailed with a 25-23 score. After that marathon and things not going on ATK's side, the team was down and felt the defeat on the first map. Nuke showed that. ATK were only able to win three CT-side rounds throughout the entire map, as MIBR claimed the spot in Riyadh with a 16-3 win on Nuke.

Gamers8's start is set to August 16th and the $1,000,000 competition will take place in Saudi Arabia's capital, Riyadh. MIBR join teams such as Liquid, Vitality, Heroic, and FURIA there.

0 - 2
All maps
ATK K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
United States Michael 'Swisher' Schmid 43 - 54 -11 71.7 61.2% 0.89
United States Ethan 'reck' Serrano 39 - 51 -12 64.1 58.2% 0.78
Gareth 'MisteM' Ries 30 - 52 -22 65.5 58.2% 0.73
United States Adam 'WolfY' Andersson 32 - 46 -14 47.5 52.2% 0.67
Canada Jonathan 'Jonji' Carey 32 - 58 -26 62.9 50.7% 0.66
MIBR K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
Brazil Henrique 'HEN1' Teles 69 - 35 +34 110.7 77.6% 1.65
Brazil Breno 'brnz4n' Poletto 53 - 39 +14 84.7 80.6% 1.35
Brazil Raphael 'exit' Lacerda 42 - 34 +8 78.5 79.1% 1.23
Brazil Felipe 'insani' Yuji 52 - 40 +12 73.5 71.6% 1.19
Brazil Matheus 'Tuurtle' Anhaia 45 - 30 +15 59.9 76.1% 1.14

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May 18, 2023 08:55AM
time to kick more people from atk someones fault not swisher or mistem
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