FaNg is certainly happy they're among the best in the world.

Complexity reach record breaking heights

The North American squad are smashing their rankings

It looks like it might be fake, but no, it's real. Complexity have smashed their previous record of 10th place by jumping up to 8th place in the HLTV World Rankings thanks to a combination of a strong IEM Katowice showing, showings at ESL Pro League, and incredible luck in rank decay for others.

Just over a month ago, Complexity broke into the Top 10 thanks to their incredibly impressive IEM Katowice performance which saw them just make it to the Top 8 after taking down MOUZ and fnatic. At the time, they were ranked #19 and were still considered by many to just be on the outside of a great team. The addition of Håkon "hallzerk" Fjærli had not yet taken the world by storm.

With Complexity now having participated in several top events, they've been able to build up their ranking points and somehow sneak their way into the Top 10, even if it is just by a hair.

Currently, the team ranks #8 at 213 points, which is literally only a single point above fnatic who are 9th with 212 points, and Cloud9 who are 10th with 207 points.

Number 8 in the world is a new peak for this iteration of Complexity. The organization has not seen these heights since the best times of the "Juggernaut" iteration during August 2020 when the team briefly flirted with being 7th to 5th in the world.

Looks like this new Complexity is on their way to even greater heights as they begin their bootcamp in Serbia before the BLAST Premier Americas Spring Showdown.

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March 20, 2023 04:05PM
coL shouldnt be at #8 rn though
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