Swisher and CacaNito were ATK's standout players at EPL

Fighting The Good Fight: Top 5 plays from ATK at EPL S17

Despite going 0-3, ATK impressed during their first international LAN.

While ATK exited ESL Pro League Season 17 with a 0-3 record, that result doesn't begin to explain the team's run in Malta. Facing off against a field of legendary players and some of the best teams in the world, ATK managed in a number of series and show off their individual skill as players. Following their heartbreaking loss against Astralis today, Dust2.us compiled a list of the team's top plays throughout ESL Pro League Season 17.

#5: United States Swisher 1v2 Post-Plant Clutch vs. ENCE on Vertigo

ATK were the first to find double digits on Vertigo against ENCE thanks to a clean 1v2 clutch vs. ENCE by Michael "Swisher" Schmid. After being set up for the post-plant by excellent utility from his teammates, Swisher closed out the round with two clean headshots that demonstrated his renowned mechanical skill and excellent positioning.

#4: United States Swisher B-site Defense ACE vs. Denmark Astralis on Inferno

In another Swisher highlight, the American managed to avoid a potentially messy situation while defending the B-site on Inferno from an Astralis pistol rush. After picking up three clean kills with the M4A1-S, Swisher found the ACE after his teammates gave him the space to get the job done.

#3: CacaNito 4k A-site Hold vs. Denmark Astralis on Inferno

While defending the A-site from a four-man Quad push by Astralis, Aleksandar "CacaNito" Kjulukoski showed a mix of excellent positioning, laser-sharp aim, and great confidence as he put down the Danes, allowing ATK to find double digits on Inferno.

#2: MisteM A-site Spraydown ACE vs. Denmark Astralis on Mirage

A strong, essentially solo A-site hold from Gareth "MisteM" Ries saw the South African dispatch Astralis in an incredibly clean fashion, preventing them from gaining any ground and ultimately paving the way for ATK to take Mirage.

#1: CacaNito 1v4 A-site Clutch vs. Denmark Astralis on Mirage

In a beautiful round, CacaNito managed to get the bomb down and then abuse Astralis' over eagerness to take down the Macedonian to pick up a stellar 1v4 with three incredibly clean headshots with the AK-47.

With ATK out of ESL Pro League, they head home with a busy schedule as ECL playoffs, the ESL Challenger Melbourne Closed Qualifier, and the BLAST.tv Paris Major Americas RMR are right around the corner.

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